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********Copy and paste this ENTIRE test format and fill it out. PM (Private message) your FINISHED test to me "GOD". Or any other Admin. BE PATIENT. We will get to you when we can. If you pass, you will be congratulated, told my PSN so that you could join our community and your Info will be posted to the "ALLOWED PLAYERS LIST". If you fail you will be told why you failed, given pointers, and told to retake the test. WELCOME TO V-RP! GOODLUCK!**********


Your PSN:
Characters Name:
Characters Age & Date of birth (Nothing lower than 18):
Brief description of the characters personality:  
Background Story:

Question 1:
Have you got any past RP experience on SA-MP or another game? If past RP experience on SA-MP, what server(s) was it? And what was your IG name(s)?

Question 2: What is our policy on robbing and scamming? And what is the most amount of mone you can take?

Question 3:  Define Metagaming.

Question 4: Define Powergaming.

Question 5: Define Deathmatching.

Question 6: Is Deathmatching allowed?

Question 7: Define Revenge Killing.

Question 8: If someone is pointing a gun at you IG (In Game), saying they were going to kill you if you move, how would you react?

Question 9: What is the proper way of requesting assistance from a helper or admin IG?

Question 10: You need to go away from your computer for a long time. What do you do?

Question 11: How do you speak OOC (Out of character)? And do you only use OOC chat when you need to? Or can you always use OOC chat?

Question 12: What is the correct side of the road to drive on?

Question 13: Is it okay to bring back a character which was CKed?

Question 14: What weapons and vehicles are NOT allowed?

Question 15: You see someone breaking a rule, what do you do?

Question 16 (Bonus question and something you should know for RP): How does our "/me" or "I" roleplaying action work on our server? Give an example on how to use spoken 3rd person roleplaying actions.


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