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V:RP Next Gen Roleplay Rules and Regulations
Common Courtesy & Common Sense (Added Info)
If you have ever played a roleplay server on SA-MP for PC you will catch on to this quickly.

THIS IS A 30 PLAYERS MAX SERVER so to ensure the best Roleplay, try to stick to the city and neighborhood areas unless your Roleplay will take you elsewhere.

IC (In Character) - Speaking and roleplaying as the character you created. Since this is console based, roleplay is going to be a bit difficult given the fact that we don't have keyboards. So voicing correctly is key. When playing in this server, YOU have to speak IC with an accent/language of your choice over the mic. Be your character. ACT THE PART. But remember this is an English server. So you need to know and speak English "OOCLY" so that we can all understand eachother.

OOC (Out Of Character) - Speaking or acting OUT of character (NON-ROLEPLAY). As stated above, "When playing in this server, YOU have to speak IC with an accent/language of your choice over the mic. Be your character. ACT THE PART." But there are things that you might want/have to ask or say to someone like another player or admin that is out of your roleplay or related to real life. NOONE IS GOING TO KNOW YOU ARE SPEAKING "OOCLY" SO ALWAYS SPECIFY!
Ex.1: "OOC - How do I unlock my car? Or access my inventory?"
Ex.2: "OOC - I'm really not sure how to exchange money, can you help?"
Ex.3: "OOC - Quit ignoring my roleplay or I will report."

ALWAYS SAY and EMPHASIZE "OOC" BEFORE YOU BEGIN TALKING "OOCLY" or noone will know whether or not you're roleplaying.
OOC (Out Of Character) racism, hatriot, name calling, rudeness, spam, spamming reports/text, general PM will NOT be tolerated. Be kind to others and think before you type/speak. There is no need to be hurtful or abusive to others, especially towards admins who are here to help.
This also goes for destroying other players' property such as vehicles. Think about whether you really need to or whether you can simply roleplay that you have without actually causing the damage. Apologize for your actions or offer compensation to those that you accidently kill or destroy their property, it's only fair. Treat a fellow gamer the way you would like to be treated.

IC (In Character) text/voice, we use various languages depending on the character we have created, but we speak correctly as if we were speaking in person. No internet language slang (lol, omg, lmao). That is only allowed when speaking/typing in OOC.  
PM (Private messages) - Private messages will be handled through PSN. You can send a clip of your voice or text to someone online OOCLY and privately. ONLY PM ADMINS to report and or inform them of something important. Spamming admins or PMing admins constantly will NOT be tolerated.  
USE SPOKEN ROLEPLAYING ACTIONS. Other wise known as "/ME" or "I"

Typing /ME for roleplaying is now SPEAKING THROUGH THE MIC "I - Your roleplaying actions" or "Your players name/Gamertag - Your roleplaying actions."
If you are not already familiar with "/me's" or "/do's" it's crucial in roleplaying. It is for us to describe actions that we want to do that we can't physically show through animations since we are limited to some extent. You basically talk in 3rd person telling in detail your actions that you want to display.
Ex.1: "Police officer Danny Logan reaches for his belt and un-unhooks his handcuffs and attempts to hand cuff Frank Morris."
Ex.2: "I, Danny Logan reaches for his belt and un-unhooks his handcuffs and attempts to hand cuff Frank Morris."

(PK) - Player Killing (Also known as PVP which is Player Vs Player)
Defines a server rule to a point which allows for a player to kill another player. All you need is a legit reason & understand any In-Game Conquences (Example, The Law). While killing without any legit reason is considered DM (Deathmatching) which is forbidden. It basically means if someone PK's you, that you die in-game but respawn, being able to continue with your character but you lose the memory of what just happened and why you "died" (You can role-play it as an injury and you lost your memory) to prevent RK which is forbidden.

(RK) - Revenge Killing
Killing or pursuing the person who killed you immediatly after you respawned. THIS IS NOT ALLOWED. According to the PK rule, if you die from another player, FOR ROLEPLAY SAKE, you lose your memory of what just happened as if you lost conciseness and lost your memory. Since you were not "CKED" (Character Killed) which means your character wasn't permanently erased, you could continue with your current character after respawning from a PVP fight. But no RKing.

(CK) - Character Kill
Means a player can kill another player with the penalty of the account being disabled thus that character is no longer playable. EVER. This includes anything at all to do with the account such as Money, Houses, Cars, etc. Therefore whoever gets Character Killed must basically start all over again as if they were new to the server. BUT DO NOT PANIC. Faction leaders (BUT LS-PD) are the only ones that can CK members of THIER OWN faction, and they have to have a good/real ROLEPLAY reason. And you can CK your own character. But noone else can CK.

Basic Rules
3. NO illegal Names
No unrealistic character names
No gag names (such as: Mike_Hunt, Ben_Dover, Mike_Roch, Eileen_Dover, Al_Coholic etc.)
4. PASSIVE MODE, DM challenge mode, Killing Yourself, and Locking your vehicle when someone stole it as a way to kick them out IS NOT ALLOWED! Unless you are told to Enable passive mode by an admin or Police officer, NEVER enable passive mode. Also you are allowed to kill yourself ONLY if you RP it. But killing yourself will result in "CKing" (Character Kill) which means your character will be gone forever and you will have to make a new one to continue playing on our server. If your vehicle is stolen, don't lock it so that they are kicked out of your vehicle. RP IT.
5. ONLY ADMINS can use the EVERYONE chat settings

6. ONLY CREWS/GANGS and POLICE (LS:PD) can use the CREW chat settings
7. ONLY SIX (6) Members are allowed in a crew/gang unless granted permission by an Admin for extra memebers through a forum request PM. This is so that crews are evened out and fairly matched.
8. Do not PM SPAM admins, especially not admins on adminduty.
If you have a problem with something or someone then you can request help using Private Messaging on PSN. As soon as an admin finds some free time to speak to you about it he or she will do so, because it is their duty. Do NOT PM them more than once under any circumstances. Every player on this server is equal. If you need to speak to a specific admin, mention their name in the report. This also includes PMing admins with ingame suggestions or with unban requests. Use the respective forums for these issues.

Report Format
Please use the Template below for PM reporting or Forum reporting posts.
Subject: Report on (Offending Players PSN)
In-Game name: (Your Name& PSN)
Date and time:
What he/she has done:
Other notes:
Please include evidences or high level witnesses in your report, because we cant take actions on what people say. We need to have a confirmation through a screenshot/game recording or a trusted player.

9. Gun fear
Regardless of your faction and or position Roleplay wise, ALWAYS roleplay gun fear. If someone pulls out a gun or weapon on you, FEAR IT. Just like you would IRL.
10. RP (Roleplay) with NPC's
You may RP with NPC's UNLESS they get in the way of RP with another player.
11. Do Not Deathmatch
Deathmatching (known as DM) is when you kill another person without a sufficient roleplay reason to do so.
This also includes revenge killing. This is when you respawn after being player killed and attempt to or kill a person who has just killed you. Your memory is wiped of everything that led up to your death when you are murdered.
With regards to revenge killing, if you are saved by the medics "ICLY" or left alone but not dead after being brutally wounded then you are allowed to continue the roleplay, with your memory intact.
12. Do Not Metagame.
Metagaming is using out-of-character (OOC) information in-character (IC). Inciting (Informing someone OOCly of something IC) someone to metagame is also against the rules.
Ex.1 - John_Smith reads Sam_Johnson's gamertag above his head and roleplays that he now knows him.
Ex.2 - John_Smith has been told OOCly that Sam_Johnson is outside and is now using that information to influence his in-character actions and/or decisions.
Ex.3 - Adam_West PM's John_Smith that the police are outside his house and as such John_Smith uses this information to influence his in-character actions and/or decisions.
Anything from an admin jail to a ban depending on severity and the actions affected by your metagaming.
Teamspeak/Skype (VoIP) is only to be used for ingame communications for law enforcement factions.

13. Do Not Powergame.
Powergaming can be defined as either:
Performing acts that just aren't humanly possible or realistic
Forcing roleplay on to someone else and not giving them a proper chance in the roleplay.
Making up certain situations/decisions which only benefits your character and not roleplaying their negative effects.
Ex.1 - John_Smith runs across the street, flips over the handrail, lands perfectly on his feet and continues to run away from the cops.
Ex.2 - John_Smith kicks Sam_Johnson on the chin causing Sam to have a seizure.
Ex.3 - Roleplaying having tinted windows on your car whenever you have something to hide, but without actually tinting them beforehand.

No use of un-realistic or NON-ROLEPLAY weapons such as Sticky bombs, Grenades, RPGS, Grenade launchers, Chain guns, And light machine guns unless obtained through an RP (Role Play) that has been approved by an admin. Just to keep the role-play fair and realistic.  
MILITARY JETS/HELICOPTERS, TANKS, SUBMARINES (Unless obtained through RP), Jets/Airplanes (Unless obtained through RP).
IRL you would eventually need gas, and staying in the air or out on the water to evade someone isn't fair, is NON-ROLEPLAY, and can cause others to Non-roleplay.
17. No healing during fights.
Most of these small rules are self explanitory. UNLESS an RP is against the rules, do not evade roleplay.
21. Use the "ACTIONS" on the online player menu to do Emotes.
22. No setting bounties on people since it would highlight them on the map. NON- ROLEPLAY
23. No ninja-jacking other players (Pulling players out of their vehicle with no roleplay) unless being chased or in a situation where it would be impossible.
24. No quitting the game to avoid being arrested or getting out of roleplay situations.
25. No provoking others without proper IC reason (This includes provoking cops into chases or other inmates in jail)
26. You are NOT allowed to role-play a character which was already Character Killed (CK)
Basically, act like you would in real life. ACT REALISTIC.
27. Do not roleplay in OOC areas: such as...
- Adminjail
- While administrators are on scene handling a current situation.
28. Do not Bunnyhop
Jumping to get somewhere faster is against the rules. Although you may find this form of transportation to be convenient and quick it is abuse.
29. No Vehicle Surfing
Vehicle surfing is defined as being on top of a vehicle to ride it, instead of being inside of it. Often people do this to get to locations quicker without the driver's permission but it is not allowed.
This includes surfing on top of regular cars and trains.
This also includes pretending someone is in the trunk of the car. If you wish to kidnap someone and roleplay them as being in the trunk, they will have to occupy a passenger's seat in the vehicle.
You're allowed to ride in and shoot from the back of trucks.
You're allowed to ride on and shoot from the back of boats
30. You are allowed to ignore OOC chats during roleplay situations unless an admin is talking to you. AND unless the other persons roleplay is against the rules which would force you to speak OOC.
If you're in the middle of a roleplay situation and another player is using any of the OOC chats in an attempt to disrupt roleplay or simply contact you, you may ignore it. However, if an administrator is trying to speak with you in any of the OOC chats for any admin related issue, you are obliged to respond to them. Refusing to listen to or ignoring an admin when they're trying to contact you can result in punishment.
If you have been killed, you may PM the killer to ask for clarification on why this was the case. As the killer or attacker, it is common courtesy to answer the question to ensure the player does not accidently end up revenge killing.

31. Do not AFK/Idle for any longer than 15 minutes or in public. The use of any animations or scripts to stop the script detecting you AFK after 15 minutes is not allowed.
You are allowed to be AFK for any time up to 15 minutes, provided you are not in a highly populated area. If you do go AFK in an area where people are likely to attempt to roleplay with you, you can be kicked regardless of the time you have been idle in that area for.
If the server is full, you may be kicked after AFKing for 2-3 minutes to allow space for those waiting to join

32. Do not violate rules because someone else did against you.
If another player violates one of the server rules, you are not allowed to break a server rule because you feel it was unfair or unjustified. In some situations, it may seem like a rule was broken against you when in fact the other player had a perfectly legitimate reason for doing what they did.
Ex.1 - Quitting to avoid death costs because you were (in your opinion) deathmatched.
Ex.2 - Deathmatching someone back because they have started hitting you.
If you feel a player has broken a rule, you should report in game as well as taking screenshots of the incident in case the issue cannot be resolved IG. You should not attempt to disrupt or stall the roleplay unless admin assistance is being given.

33. Scamming/Robbery Rules & Regulations
Out of Character scamming or robbing is not allowed. This is very serious offense, because this is done out of character which means you got the money in a NON-RP way. You can scam or rob people in character, but there are limitations of money that you can take.
You also cannot kill a player after you have robbed or scammed them. This is usually done to prevent that character from calling the cops/seeking revenge but this is not allowed.**
**You are allowed to kill the person if they bring it upon themselves. Example: Insulting the person that is robbing them and/or showing noticeable, obvious attitude.
Can take a maximum of $10,000
Ex. Selling a car, Then running away.
Can take a maximum of $3,000
There are no limits to how many weapons/drugs/packages you rob. If you have had weapons/drugs/packages robbed off you, you are allowed to rob these goods back. Not the value in cash, but the actual goods themselves.
If you have been scammed, you are allowed to rob your money back even if it's more than $500.
Loaning is done AT YOUR OWN RISK. Admins will not help you if you loan money/property to other people and they do not return it. If a person runs off with it ICly or gets banned then the money with the person is gone. Only loan your things to people you trust.

34. Only members of official factions can do contract kills.
ONLY MEMBERS OF OFFICIAL FACTIONS CAN BE CONTRACTED TO DO CONTRACT KILLS. No outsiders or people unofficially involved are allowed to partake in this - only those who have been officially inducted into a faction.
Under no circumstances should factions become "murder for hire" factions. They may take on a contract ONLY if asked to do so.
This is to make sure that random civilians DO NOT advertise themselves as "Hitmen" in order to randomly kill others for payment.

35. You're not allowed to give or share your registered accounts to other people.
You are NOT allowed to share or give out registered accounts to your friends, relatives or other people. If that person wants to play he/she must register their own account through the Forums without any help. This is a very serious offence which may get you banned permanently and it is even more serious when you are trying to sell your account for real money.
This also includes the sharing of character applications or stories. These MUST be original and made without the help of anyone else.
Your IP and security of your account is also YOUR responsibility. Nobody else should be using your computer, account or network apart from yourself so keep all login details and passwords SECURE. If you suspect someone may know your details, change them immediately.

36. No committing crimes/robberies in certain areas
You can't commit blatant acts of crime in highly populated areas or areas that would realistically be watched over by the security forces of Los Santos. These restriction mostly applies towards robberies, scamming, holding up; general harassing. These areas mostly consist of new players getting adjusted to the server so it would be unfair to take advantage of them there.
Areas Protected:
City Hall / Police Departments
Banks (Unless performing a bank robbery)
Vehicle Dealerships
All Hospitals
If the criminal roleplay leads to the area then you are allowed to continue. These areas aren't meant to be OOC safezones for people that are involved in these types of roleplay.

37. Prison Rules/Privileges.
Minimum amount of possible granted jail time: 5 Minutes
Maximum amount of possible granted jail time: 20 Minutes
While you are in jail.
While you are in jail.
If your jail time is up (done) and there is no officer around to release you, PM an officer online to go and release you. If they do not reply or go offline try another officer. If noone replies 10 minutes after your release time, you may leave the station.

You are NOT allowed to break out of prison.
If a Police officer has arrested you, it's for a clear reason, ROLEPLAY WISE. Realistically, it would be impossible to break out of a small prison with gaurds on duty.  Serve your granted time and then you could leave when told so.
You are NOT allowed to attack or brawl in-mates.
Prison RP is short (Just quick punishment) due to the fact that there are no scripts made since this server is console based. Realistically, there would be gaurds on duty to break up whatever fight that would happen, and since it's a small server with not that many players, a police officer cannot gaurd your cell at all times.

IF A POLICE OFFICER IS ON DUTY GAURDING YOUR CELL YOU MAY ATTACK OR BRAWL WITH AN IN-MATE. ONLY IF A POLICE OFFICER IS GAURDING YOUR CELL. But remember NO DMing, Have a roleplay reason. If you kill someone inside of jail while brawling the Police officer can extend your jail time.  
38. Police fear/respect
Regardless of your faction and or position Roleplay wise, always fear and respect cops. Like in real life, they can do what they want with you if you get on their bad side.
39. Do NOT provoke cops
This is a server to roleplay not smash into cops to make them chase you. Do not provoke cops or it will be considered non-rp. This basically falls under the category of "Police fear/respect."

40. Police MAY ticket
If you do not follow the speed of traffic, stop at lights and stop signs, and or drive wrecklessly LS-PD (Cops) can pull you over and give you a ticket. Depending on how badly you were driving or if you attempted to evade police  they can also arrest you.

Maximum amount of money they can charge you: $2,000
41. Police MAY TAZE
It is not a part of GTA V but it is a part of real life and our roleplay. If a cop rp's to take out a tazer and shoot you with it, you have to act like you had just been shot with a tazer and become immobile. COPS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TAZE SOMEONE IN THE MIDDLE OF A GUNFIGHT.
42. Administrator instructions are final.
At V:RP (in-game, on the forums, Teamspeak or any other platform/area of V:RP), the administrator instructions are final and should be followed and accepted at all times.
If you feel an admin is abusing their position and authority then please send a forum PM to the Head of Staff or report on the forums.

43. You are required to report bugs/flaws to the staff team
With development the server may encounter bugs and have flaws in its roleplay. If you come across a bug or flaw you are required to report it in the Bug Reports section in the forums. Along with suggesting something we can do or add to fix the problem. Help make V:RP a better place!
Exploiting the bug for any reason, especially for your own personal gain, is strictly prohibited.
This rule applies to in-game, on the forums, or Teamspeak.

More will be added soon. Please post in the suggestions section so that we could make this as full proof as possible. I know it will be hard to figure out, but I'm sure alot of great roleplay awaits us all on the Next-Gen.

Punishments for breaking rules will vary from a fair warning over PM, Kick, Strike, Admin jail, and or server ban depending on severity.
Take screenshots if you feel the roleplay is not up to standards so that you can report it in the Report Player forum. Be sure to inform the other party that you will be posting one so they can post their side of the story during it.
PM an admin if you feel an administrator should step in during the roleplay. Continue the roleplay until you are told to stop by an administrator even after reporting. Admins often spectate the scene for a minute or two so they can understand the situation before arriving on scene, so continue roleplaying.
Work cited page
The roleplay rules for this server have been based off of LS-RP rules and have been modified to work with the current GTA ONLINE.

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